Juicy Olive Squeezed Relish & Smooth 0.4% to 0.6% acidity

Organic Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  • 2 L Tin
Relish & Smooth is harvested in beautiful early autumn. It is noted for a clean and present aroma with a taste reminiscent of grass followed by a light and pleasant mouthfeel.

Savour the the hint of pleasant bitterness and delicate feel in the mouth will stick in your memories!
  • Organic
    Everything about Juicy Olive Squeezed is organic; from farms to our bottling
  • Early Harvest
    Handpicked from beginning of August until mid September
  • Low Acidity
    Rare to low acidity due to attentive nourishing and gentle extraction
  • Unfiltered
    To preserve nutritional values
  • Coldpress
    Pure olive juice extracted without any alterations
  • High Phenolic Compounds
    Full of health benefits with high percentage of polyphenols
  • Single Press
    Pressed once to make delicious high-purity early harvest extra virgin olive oil
  • Family Owned
    Generations of Troy region expertise reflected on boutique farming
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