Our delicate organic products are developed to perfection using early harvest,
hand-picked fruits that are shortly cold-pressed and unfiltered
Our delicate organic products are developed to perfection using early harvest, hand-picked fruits that are shortly cold-pressed and unfiltered
  • Organic
    Everything about Juicy Olive Squeezed is organic; from farms to our bottling
  • Early Harvest
    Handpicked from beginning of August until mid September
  • Low Acidity
    Rare to low acidity due to attentive nourishing and gentle extraction
  • Unfiltered
    To preserve nutritional values
  • Coldpress
    Pure olive juice extracted without any alterations
  • High Phenolic
    Full of health benefits with high percentage of polyphenols
  • Single Press
    Pressed once to make delicious high-purity early harvest extra virgin olive oil
  • Family Owned
    Generations of Troy region expertise reflected on boutique farming
We believe in nature's sustainability and compatibility. Our commitment to an organic future was guaranteed and certified not by words but by deeds.
For nearly 30 years, ECOCERT is committed to organic farming and strived to make the production process more eco-friendly, energy-saving, and nature conscious.
The National Organic Program (NOP) oversees and enforces the USDA organic standards and the accreditation of organic certifiers. Any product labeled as organic must be USDA-certified.
EU organic certification guarantees that products meet the requirements for organic production, processing, transport, and storage.
Juicy Olive Squeezed collection presents three different types of high-quality Organic Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil crafted at our farms.
Each of our special and rare variants offer specific aroma and unique flavor to enrich all types of meals.

Explore the variant that best suits your palate!
Let Our Customers Speak For Us
  • My favorite olive oil! I’m sensitive about what my family eats and Juicy Olive is one of the best organic products I’ve ever tried. The oil smells so fresh I feel in an olive garden. Maria H.
  • Brilliance! How else can I describe the dancing river of flavour. This adds to my vegan cooking. My wife & I refuse to buy anything else. Norman Blackstone
  • Beautiful Gift This Organic EVOO is a beautiful gift, but because it is so delicious I usually end up keeping it for myself :). The product, the entire package is superior! Mona Hoffman
  • Salad I can’t dream of my salad without Juicy Olive in it. Amy
  • Fresh and flavorous You really can taste the olives in this olive oil. My Husband and I loved the flavor and the freshness of Juicy Olive Squeezed. Organic is the only way we go these days. Barbara Johnson
  • Bellissimo! One of the best oils I’ve used in my kitchen. And I can use it to cook almost all of my dishes. Mario
  • Delicious Flavour Just made an asparagus and Salmon pasta meal with Juicy Olive Squeezed tonight. The EVOO was perfect, simply a great fresh flavour. Martin Campbell
  • Very Good! To be honest I bought it for the beautiful bottle but the oil is just a good. I love its color too. Sam A.
  • Great Taste As a family we start our breakfast with Juicy olive; it accompanies us in our lunches and I use it to cook most of our dinners because it’s healthy and delicious. Dan Miller
  • Satisfied One of the better extra virgin olives out there. Armando
  • Flavor Booster Juicy Olive Squeezed is delicious, I use it mostly on my salads. It is a flavor booster and really nice, great price too. Almost out of this oil and will definitely be purchasing it again. Julie S.
With our skillfully-mastered art of blending, we bring out the best of aromas and unique organoleptic values that are rare to discover
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